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Sometimes the problem with your TV system is not what you think it is. If you want a quick resolution to your problem give me a ring :). Otherwise follow the few tips below and maybe solve it yourself.

FAULT FIND Instructions :

Satellite Freesat, Sky and eropean:

A satellite system has normally 4 and occasionally up 6 components that could be faulty.

Always establish faults from inside to the outside

1 Satellite dish: The only thing that can normally go wrong with the dish is the alignment occasionally heavy rusting can be a a problem too. All TVs hooked up to the dish will be affected. Picture break up or no signal at all. Also a satellite dish needs a clear line of sight to the sky at a 30º angle so be aware of any trees and the like growing in front of it. Scaffolding can also block the signal. To realign a dish can be tricky but isn't impossible, you can use an app that allows you pinpoint the right directions or a cheaper satellite meter can do it too.

fault find Diagram with price structure.

2  LnB : The LnB is the "lump" on the end of the dish arm. Unfortunately the symptoms for a faulty LnB are almost identical to a dish put of alignment. Occasionally a LnB will display a fault only on some outputs (i have seen this happen only twice in 7 years but you never know). Do a visual check. Is the LnB still attached to the dish? Is the housing cracked? Are the cables still attached?

Replacing a LnB is as easy as buying a new one and replacing the old one make sure the skew angle is correct...that is the sideway rotation of the LnB. However this might require ladder work which might not be your give me a ring!

Cables : Cables including connectors can corrode get damaged or come loos. If you have only a single cable into the house unfortunately again that would mean the same symptoms as above and all you can hope for is that a visual check results in anything. Interanal cables can be damaged by screw or nails into walls. Cables normally run straight up or down from the socket to the loft. If you think tour cable run is trickier than that it is probably best to ring me.

External cables can corrode, especially on the roof and if they "snake" shedding their outer cable-skin it is time for a replacement.

Another common thing is that a cable has been destroyed by its nemesis the hedge-trimmer! That can be an easy fixed as there are ways of joining cables with virtually no los in signal strength and quality.

Also check the connectors on both ends, by the TV and at the LnB.

More than 1 TV point

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